WACC calculator

Here is an online WACC calculator. Insert all the required inputs and you'll get your stock's WACC.


Detailed explanation of WACC calulation with examples you can find here

Financial analysis

MVe - market value of common shares (equity) (number of common shares x common share price)

MVd - market value of debt.

MVp - market value of preferred shares (number of preferred shares x preferred share price)

t - profit tax rate

Rd - cost of debt.

Rp - preferred stock's dividend / preferred share price

Re - return on common stocks (equity). It is usually calculated with CAPM model.


Rf - risk free rate (3.5% by default. This is a yield of 10 year US Treasury bonds.)

Rm - market return

B - Beta is a coefficient describing the relation of stock's returns with that of the financial market as a whole. It is set at 1 by default which means that the stock's price and the market index go in the same direction. The database for Beta coefficients of the companies around the world you can find here.

Rm-Rf - is an expected market risk premium


Common share price = $

Number of common shares =

Preferred share price = $

Number of preferred shares =

Preferred share dividend = $

Rf = %

B =

Rm = %

MVd = $

Rd = %

t = %


MVe = $

MVp = $

CAPM = %

WACC = %

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